Standard Packaging

Prestige Gift Packaging is the standard for Affinity Gifts. Our standard packaging is a silver and black gift box and with many items an additional silver pouch is included. Watches and Fashion Jewelry are presented in either a wooden or black presentation box featuring your corporate logo on the lid of the box.

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Presentation packaging is as important as the gift itself!


Affinity Lite Deluxe Packaging

Affinity Lite Deluxe packaging is designed to include a letter, certificate or brochure along with a pre-selected award or gift. The Affinity Lite Deluxe packaging accepts more than 170 different gift items.

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An Award Certificate or Certificate of Appreciation further enhances the symbolic item and provides you a personalized element to reinforce and promote achievement or gratitude. The certificate or letter may include one or more signatures. For that added touch include our K-Frame so that the employee can proudly display his/her letter or certificate.

You only get one chance to make a first impression!

Affinity Deluxe Packaging

The Affinity Deluxe Box utilizes the combination of a letter and mounted certificate along with a pre-selected award or gift to provide a comprehensive tool for your recognition or appreciation requirements. This box will accommodate more than 150 different gift items.

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We offer three presentation-packaging options: Our packaging can be customized in a variety of methods to ensure that your message and award or gift delivers maximum impact.